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Shipping from TAIWAN to MALAYSIA

Introduction of Taiwan to Malaysia Shipping
  • GIMworld provides air shipping service from Taiwan to Malaysia, door to door delivery service
  • We help to ship and consolidate small parcels purchased from any Taiwan E-Commerce (Rakuten台灣樂天市場購物網, ruten 露天拍賣, PChome etc.) platforms, suppliers or factories and deliver right to your doorstep.
  • Prior to the establishment, GIMworld had extensive experience in import and export, transportation and local delivery and has about 20-years experience in this field since 1999.
  • Using Taiwan Air Freight, you can ship all your small parcels directly from Taiwan to Malaysia.

Taiwan to Malaysia Shipping Method
Sea Shipping Feature

Air Shipping / Freight

  • The fastest route and you can get 2 (Normal and Sensitive Items) for the price of 1
  • For smaller items(1-30kg) or even larger shipment (120cm x 80cm x 80cm)
  • Where your priority is speed, we ship via air courier shipment to you or your customers’ doorsteps
  • Takes 5-7 working days to West Malaysia
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Taiwan Shipping to Malaysia Price

Taiwan Air shipment Normal & Sensitive Goods (West Malaysia)

5kg & Above First 5kg RM200.00/5kg
Continue 1kg RM40.00/1kg
Round Up Unit 1kg
Duration 3-5 Working Days
Description - Actual weight or volumetric, whichever is higher
- Shipping fees is calculated based on each parcel
- Maximum weight: Each parcel cannot exceed 30kg
- Maximum size: Each parcel cannot exceed 120cm x 120cm x 120cm
*Table listed for illustration purposes.
*Price subject to change.
Price as of 14/12/2020
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How to Calculate Shipping Cost from Taiwan to Malaysia?
Air Shipping [Small Parcel]
Shipping Method Air Shipping
Minimum Charges Price calculated based on "kg".
*Example Actual Weight 10kg
Volumetric Weight:

(Length X Width X Height)cm
(40 x 25 x 43)cm / 5,000
= 8.6kg = 9kg
Shipping Fees Refer to the pricing table above as example.
  1. Weight Calculation = Actual Weight or Volumetric Weight, whichever is higher.
  2. First shipping charge for 5 kg is RM 200, continue 1kg = RM 40
    = RM 200 + (RM 40 X 5kg)= RM 200 + RM 200= RM 400


Calculation Method
  1. Weight Calculation = Actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
  2. Volumetric Calculation = Length(cm) x Width(cm) x Height(cm) / 5,000 = xxx kg
  3. Shipping Fees is calculated based on single 1 parcel.
  4. Single 1 Parcel – min quantity is 5 kg & above, Max 30kg, size & 120cm, No combine parcel.
Weight / Volumetric Weight
  1. Maximum Weight cannot exceed 30kg
  2. Maximum Size: Each parcel cannot exceed 120cm x 120cm x 120cm
  3. Parcel Size Limit: 5 - 30kg
  1. 7-10 Working Days: Parcel tracking only available for distance from Malaysia to doorstep.
  2. Shipping day falls on every Friday only (Kindly arrange suppliers to send parcels to warehouse before Friday).
  3. ETA may be delayed due to the following reasons:
    • Bad weather conditions
    • Customs clearance process
    • Outskirts area
Shipping Items Not Accepted: Perfume / Fragrances, alcohol, pressure spray, battery or lithium products.
Accepted: Beauty products, cosmetics, albums, food & healthcare products etc.
Parcel Insurance For small valuable items, recommended to subscribe parcel insurance protection.
Contact customer service for insurance inquiry:
Add WeChat: GIMworld, 016-4800770
Extra note It is recommended to subscribe for add-on parcel protection services especially for fragile items, such as kitchen basin, bathtubs, lighting & order breakable items. While transporting your goods, your packages may go through bumpy rides from events like turbulence.
Thus, having extra padding is recommended for fragile items. We recommend using bubble wraps, wooden crate. This will prevent your goods from bouncing around within the packing / package getting deformed during shipping.
You can learn more about the "Add on Protection Services" by visiting the "Terms of Service" on our website.

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West M'sia (7-10 days), East M'sia (30+ working days).

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Consolidate all your parcels from different sellers.

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Track your parcel arrival.

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Provide size & weight of parcel details, easier to arrange combine parcels to save more.

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Shipping Process

Delivery Guides

  1. Before purchasing with sellers, you will need to register at GIMworld website and get a marking name and warehouse address and give to sellers this information.
  2. After purchasing your items, when seller starts sending parcels, go to [Arrange Shipment] to fill in parcels details at GIMworld website.
  3. Go to [Delivery Order] to complete the parcel details and submit for consolidation.
  4. After 4 hours, go to [Delivery Order] check the shipping fees and make payment.
  5. It is expected that goods will be received within 7-10 working days (West Malaysia) after the departure date.
  6. Track parcels delivery status at [Delivery Order] > [Order Tracking].

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